Gold Jewelry for Children

Every child is special and deserves the best of care and material comfort to grow and develop to his/her true potential. Be it a christening, a birthday, a graduation, a prom, cotillion, or just another life’s instance, a carefully chosen gift given to a child is indeed the best way to mark his/her auspicious day.

When it comes to selecting gifts for children, jewelry is undoubtedly the best option. This is because a piece of quality jewelry given to a child on a special occasion not only holds great sentimental value, but can also preserved for a very long time, when other gifts such as clothes or toys deteriorate. Today, there is no dearth to the types of children’s jewelry available in the various brick-and-mortar jewelry stores as well as the online market. The modern consumer has immense variety and price options in children jewelry, which serves as another good reason for buying jewelry for the special child in one’s life.

Fufoo, Amalia, Rembrandt Charms, Disney are some of the notable names that have carved a niche in the children’s jewelry market. Their craftsmanship is smooth and even, the enamel coating is well applied, the jewelry has a rich, lustrous appearance and a pleasant, soft feel that is just right for the children. Some exclusive, online children’s jewelry stores source all these brands for customers worldwide. Every piece of their jewelry is of the highest quality and is reasonably priced. Some of their most sought after designs include butterflies, ladybugs, flowers, initials, foods, hearts, moons, stars, dolls, teddy bears, cute little boys & girls, and more.

Customers have incredibly huge options shopping online with such eminent stores. Not only do they get every conceivable design in children’s necklaces, earrings, rings, chains, bracelets and charms, but also at the best prices and with attractive packaging. Selecting jewelry is made extremely easy and convenient with almost every possible detail given on the website, and the unique segmentation of jewelry designs done for different age groups, that is, for the Baby (age 0-2 yrs), Toddler (age 2-5 yrs), Child (age 6-11 yrs), and Teen (12 yrs & above).

There is something wonderfully sweet about a personalized piece of jewelry that is presented to a child to mark his/her ‘Special Moment’. Over the years, these precious possessions become beautiful keepsakes that add to the pleasure of the coming generations.


A piece of jewelry has been considered a symbol of value since ages. Gifting jewelry to children at the time of their birthdays, or on important religious festivals has been a practice across different cultures worldwide. With the origin of several different styles and themes in children’s jewelry designs available today, there are now many more reasons to gift a piece of jewelry to a child to mark his/her important junctures.

When it comes to finding the best quality, range and price advantage, online stores are the best option. There are some highly trustable and experienced online stores that specialize in gold jewelry for children. Not only do they offer world-class brands like Fufoo, Amalia and Disney in childrens jewelry, but also provide the best quality, maximum versatility and price benefits. Some of their important offerings for babies (age 0-2 yrs), toddlers (age 2-5 yrs), children (age 6-11 yrs) and teens (12 yrs & above), include:

  • Kids charms– Beautiful enameled charms, letter charms, initial charms and number charms in 14K, 18K gold with precious diamonds, and in various attractive shapes like animal, baby, flower, foods, hearts, sports etc, delight children of different ages.
  • Children’s bracelets: 14K and 18K gold ID bracelets, charm bracelets with star, heart, butterfly, baby bee, cherry, ballet shoes, and many more attractive shapes.
  • Children’s earrings: Screw back earrings, butterfly stud earrings, different studded earrings in 14K & 18K gold with beautiful gemstones.
  • Children’s necklaces, rings and chains in the most mesmerizing designs are available.

All these pieces of jewelry guarantee excellent quality and are thus absolutely safe for children to wear. These stores also provide gift service; all their jewellery come packaged in attractive jewellery boxes. Customers can incorporate their special messages on gift cards for which they are not charged anything extra. By any chance, if they are not completely satisfied with their purchase, they can return their item within a specified time interval, and get their money refunded.

Undoubtedly, the significance of jewelry has evolved through ages. From just being an item used for adornment, it has transformed into a symbol of love, affection, religion, faith, affluence and more. It is thus no wonder that many people articulate their profound love and concern for their kids using these magnificent trinkets that shine forever!

Kids Charms have been considered some of the most enduring gifts for children of different ages. The practice of gifting 14k and 18k gold charms to infants has been widely popular across several cultures through ages and still continues in the modern world with the origin of a myriad of styles, shapes and sizes in charms for children.

Most of the girls in their teens recognize the importance of dressing right for every occasion and presenting a good self-image. For this reason, the charm bracelets available today are customized with intricate designs, and are also personalized as per the personal preferences of the child. The creative talents of today’s jewelry designers go into the designing of the present day enameled baby charms, diamond letter charms, diamond initial charms and a lot more.

Fufoo is one such name that offers affordable and adorable, fine 14KT gold enamel and diamond jewelry for girls of all ages and lifestyles. The diversified Fufoo Children’s Jewelry for ‘Wee’ girls, ‘Tween’ girls and ‘Teen’ girls is a result of the company’s deep understanding of what appeals to girls of different ages:

  • For Wee Girls (girls up to 6 years old), there is a sweet and safe line of adorable 14KT gold enamel themes
  • For “B’Tween” girls (aged 6 – 12), the themes range from cute to sophisticated
  • For Teen Girls (aged 12 to adult), there is FuFoo’s dazzling collection of diamond motifs that include something for teens with varying tastes

There are some prominent online stores that are registered retailers for Fufoo and other leading children’s jewellery companies. They offer some of the best and the most fashionable collections of Fufoo fine jewelry for children and teens. Customers can find a mesmerizing range of cute children’s charms with animal shapes, flower shapes, heart shapes, initials / letter shapes, and others. Besides this, there is also a huge range of children’s earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings etc to choose from. Buying jewelry from these online stores is not only incredibly convenient, buts is also an extremely delightful experience.

A piece of jewelry is that beautiful, valuable, and lasting endowment that a man can never go wrong with. So choose this ultimate symbol of love and overwhelm your child with your deep affection and benevolence!

Beauty, color and shine are universal attractants, and a piece of jewelry is a blend of all these attributes. Kids charms, with their vibrant colors and subtle sounds delight the newborn, and are thus widely popular across different cultures. Similarly a charm bracelet is a great gift for young girls, who wish to reflect their individual personality and style through everything they wear, be it attire or trinkets.

There were times when jewelry was designed only for women who reached a particular age, and there were negligible jewelry designs available for children. Today, there is nothing irresolute about children’s jewelry; with the advancements in jewelry designing and the increased exposure to children about the latest fashion trends, not only a plethora of children’s jewelry designs are available in the markets worldwide, but also various specialized brands have come to the fore that are dedicated to creating some of the most magnificent and safe jewelry for children of different ages.

Brands like Fufoo, Amalia and Disney are some of the most admired and trusted names for children’s jewelry. Some highly recognized online stores stock a huge assortment of children’s earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, charms etc, from Disney, Fufoo and Amalia. They offer the fine 14kt gold enamel and diamond jewelry from FuFoo for little girls (infant-12 years) to teens, and the extremely safe 18k childrens jewelry from Amalia in order to avoid skin allergies in children. Their Disney collection comes in 14kt gold with diamonds and other precious gems. The designs offered by all these brands are so unique and mesmerizing that no girl can remain unaffected by their charm.

Cute animal shapes, dolls, fairies, toy shapes, teddy bears, butterflies, flowers and lots more – the choice of jewelry is restricted to only an individual’s imagination. Customers cannot only view each piece of jewelry sitting at the convenience of their home, but can also easily place an order online. Their product is beautifully packaged in a nice jewellery box, and is securely delivered to them.

Gifting jewelry to a child is not only one of the best ways to express one’s deep affection and good wishes, but is also a great way to bring about a positive impact on the child who is growing and evolving every moment of his/her life!

In fine jewelry, today, the fastest growing segment is children and young girls. The reason this category has such great room for growth is that in the past there were no brands or products that specifically catered to this junior market. Today, leading brands like FuFoo are catering to this hungry young junior market with designs that make a lasting impression on the child who wears them. 

FuFoo is one of the only companies, which is completely dedicated to creating fine 14KT gold enamel and diamond jewelry exclusively for girls (from infants to teens). FuFoo has a deep understanding of what appeals to girls of different ages, and has been successful in tapping into the themes and motifs that are both timely and timeless to this group. 

There are some distinguished online stores that offer almost everything when it comes to Children’s Jewelry. Having a profound understanding for children and their jewellery needs and likes, they offer collections that create a positive and enduring impression on the children and their lives. They carefully choose their collections from leading brands like: 

  •  Fufoo – For exclusive and fashionable 14kt gold jewelry for children and teens
  •  Amalia – For 18k gold children’s jewelry (with a higher purity level).
  •  Disney – For specially crafted collection of 14kt gold with diamonds and other precious gems

The company founder and designer of Disney precious Collections, Jack Gindi, believes that ‘Gifts, especially those for special occasions, are intended to carry a positive emotional message, communicating on the part of the giver the hopes and feelings he or she has for a child’. With such beliefs, the high-quality Disney Childrens Jewelry is designed to help a girl feel more confident, secure and loved. 

As registered retailers for Fufoo, Amalia and Disney, the exclusive children’s jewelry stores are able to assist the customers with any of their products.  Not only do they provide almost infinite collections of cute, adorable, classy, unique, and creative designs of children’s gold earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, necklaces, and kids’ charms, but also offer lovely packaging and a magnificent gift service. 

A beautiful endowment that comes with a piece of children’s jewelry can be the best way to mark the life moments of a child, and engrave one’s deep affection within her!

Everyone loves to wear a piece of jewelry that represents something or someone they adore. Cute and dazzling charms for the little angels perfectly work well because the babies love brightness and shapes. As for the young girls, they know exactly what their inclination is in terms of types, colors, shapes and quality of jewelry, and can therefore follow the latest trends. 

As children are animals’ best friends, offering an animal-shaped pendant proves to be a wonderful gesture signifying love and friendship. There are a number of popular designs in Children’s Jewelry including butterfly, lady bug, dolphin, bunny, dog, teddy bear and many other cute baby animals. Children love to adorn themselves with these fun-loving creatures. 

There are some highly proficient and trustable online stores that are dedicated exclusively for Children’s Gold Jewelry. They pride themselves in having a deep understanding for children and their jewellery needs. Thus, they offer jewelry that is crafted elegantly and is light to wear. Their unique and exclusive collection of designer jewellery is for girls of all ages, and comes with the most fashionable styles, thus bringing great value. Some of the most desirable brands of Children’s Jewelry they offer include:

Amalia: Amalia lines are made in 18K Gold because of the higher purity to avoid infections and allergies. Playfulness is added with exacting styles and vibrant lead free enamel colors. Fun, loving, cute, adorable, classy, unique, and creative are only some of the characteristics this brand of Children’s Fine Jewelry has grown to develop. 

Fufoo: This Italian 14K Gold enameled Girls Jewelry is both whimsical and elegant for girls with different tastes and talents. Each piece of this handcrafted jewelry is both special and unique. 

Disney: Enchanting gemstones and enduring enamels in 14K Gold make this jewelry really magnificent and adorable. Every piece is meticulously designed to make it positively magical. 

There is an endless assortment of Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces and all other fine jewels for children that customers can buy online for Baby Showers, Birthdays, Communions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Confirmations or just a Holiday gift. As the years pass, these gold jewelry pieces stay young and strong creating lasting memories.  

So, embellish your loved ones with the safe and beautiful gold jewelry for children and speak what words fail to say!

Gifting jewelry is a very thoughtful and touching gesture. Especially in case of children, any jewelry gifted at the time of birth, is considered a precious keepsake. A Charm Bracelet may represent a child’s interest or something she holds dear, such as a much-loved pet. A flower-shaped pendant may represent the fantasies of a growing young girl. There is no dearth to the number of design possibilities when it comes to Children’s Jewelry

With the increased convenience brought about by 24/7 shopping through online jewelry stores, customers are now able to get even better deals and a much wider selection. There are some noteworthy online stores, which are dedicated exclusively to Children’s Gold Jewelry. Having a deep understanding of children’s changing perceptions, they present the most unique and exclusive collection of adorable jewellery for girls of all ages. Some of the features that distinguish them the most are: 

  • Jewelry made from hypoallergenic metals is the most suitable for children as this is safe to the skin and thus can be worn for longer times. The 14k and 18k Children’s Jewelry offered by these eminent stores, are absolutely safe to the delicate skin of children, and do not cause any kind of skin infections or allergies.
  • Their collections are carefully chosen from leading brands which have already pleased thousands of little girls. These include:

o        Fufoo – An exclusive line of 14kt gold jewelry for children and teens; Unique and fashionable designs, lovingly handcrafted in Italy.

o        Amalia – Beautiful 18kt gold jewellery collections with high purity level, and thus extremely safe for children. 

Both brands have excelled in successfully tapping into the latest trends and creating the finest jewellery for children with fun and imaginative themes. 

Besides this, customers can also get magnificent, precious collections of Disney Childrens Jewelry. Most amazing designs and concepts of this range of jewelry are sure to allure kids.

  • Children can choose from among their favorite toy shapes, animal shapes, insect shapes for earrings, necklaces, rings, charms etc. Appropriate and distinctive jewelry designs are available for infants, toddlers, children above 5 years and teenagers.
  • Enamel allows greater expression and creativity by adding the dimension of vibrant colors; thus its use has become very popular in children’s jewellery. Well-known brands like Disney use enamel to create some of the most exquisite jewelry designs for children.

When kids begin to experiment with their self-expression, jewelry serves as the most important medium to fulfill the objective. With the availability of high-quality, delicate and safe jewelry for kids, it is no wonder that people around the world are buying Children’s Jewelry to create a lasting charm and admiration!